About Me

Courtney Desmond

Roulette, poker, glittery insides of casinos and the smell of fresh playing cards. What more could an Irish girl ask for?! To say that I love the excitement of playing at a casino would be a huge understatement. I simply adore it. I’d say my most favourite game to play online is to keep checking out new video slot releases and comparing them with older versions of the games. They’re the most fun and even have a lot to offer in terms of graphics and sound, so it brings together the best parts of gaming and online gambling.

When I’m not choosing my next wager, I can be found busy at my university lab, where I’m currently doing my PhD. I’d rather not get into the boring stuff of what I’m actually researching on, but if all goes well, we’ll get a wee step nearer to finding an alternate pathway for the way cancer cells are currently treated. Ok, now stop treating me like a science nerd.

If you’re looking for gaming advice, I’m happy to offer it, through my near ten years of experience with gambling online as well as in brick and mortar casinos. I’ll help you place that next wager with an even surer chance of success, so stay tuned!