Basic rules for Online poker

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Don’t you just hate rules?! But you need them to figure out how things need to get done, don’t you. And knowing Poker Rules can help you play a better game so that you can win back a lot of cash on your wager. Here are the Poker Rules for that most popular poker game of them all, Texas Hold ‘Em, but they are applicable to nearly all the poker games you will play.

How to play

In Texas Hold ‘Em, the deck consists of 52 cards which are dealt out to players so that each player has two pocket cards, along with three rounds of community cards which can be used to create the best five card hand.

Online poker rules

Here are the basic Poker Rules you need to be aware of so that you can make the best winning combination for your game play:

  • Royal flush: The royal flush is the best hand you could possibly play and it beats any other hand that players might be holding. The hand is as royal as its name suggests, as it is made up of a king, jack, ace, queen and ten of the similar suit.
  • Straight flush: The straight flush hand has cards that are five in a similar suit, and that are in order. For instance, you need to have a set of four, five, six, seven and eight that are of a similar suit. The way to determine who wins is to see which player has the higher rank that ends the sequence.
  • Four of a kind: This hand requires the player to have four of the cards in their hand belong to the similar rank even if they are of different suits. To complete the hand, you need a side card that will be used as the tie breaker.
  • Full house: The full house is a type of hand where there needs to be three cards in the similar rank along with two cards of another rank, which is the same as each other. The tie breaker in this case will be the rank of the three matching cards.
  • Flush: The flush is a hand that is comprised of five cards all in the same suit but they don’t have to be in any particular order.
  • Straight: The straight hand consists of five cards that have to be in order but they can belong to different suits.
  • Three of a kind: This hand involves using three cards that need to be of the similar rank and there are two side cards to complete the hand that can be of a completely different suit and rank.
  • Two pair: This hand has a pair of cards that are of similar rank, another pair of a similar rank, different from the first pair, and finally a kicker card.
  • Pair: This hand has a pair of cards of similar rank while the rest of the cards don’t have to match.
  • High card: This is the hand that is none of the above!

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