Poker or Online Poker

Basic Poker Rule

Poker has been a popular game to play for several years now, and is only gaining in popularity with the rise of online casinos. Now that poker exists in its online form, which is better and how is it different from a poker game that you would play in a poker room? Here, we will discuss how the Online Poker room is different from a physical poker game.

Size of the wager

In an Online Poker room you may find that there is a fixed upper ceiling placed on the size of the wager, but in a physical poker game, you can have players bet as much as they want. This is mainly because in a physical poker game it is easy for a player to lose complete control over their wager, especially if they get swayed by emotion or alcohol, and they spend more than they should. That’s where it’s great that there’s a fixed bet that you cannot cross in an online version of the game so that you can still enjoy the game without going overboard.

Maintaining the poker face

An obvious difference between the Online Poker room and live poker is how the player can betray the cards that they have in hand. In a live poker game, it’s easy to note a person’s expressions change according to the hand that they are holding, so you can to some extent guess how much you should stake on the next round. In an online game, you do not have that advantage, as you cannot read the person’s face. But of course, even in a live poker game a player can bluff or keep a poker face to make their expressions unreadable.

The speed of the game

In an Online Poker room, you can play as many as 100 hands in an hour, because the whole game is played online and can take place at computerized rates. When you are playing a live game, you have to play according to the pace of each player, even if it is painfully slow, such as a game where you can only play 30 hands in an hour, mainly because you can only change so many tables in one evening when you are playing a physical game. That’s a good thing in the case of online poker, because it means you can bet more frequently with more chances of winning. For more about online poker hands click here.

The way the game is played

When you are playing an Online Poker room game, you will shift your game play according to how good your hand is. This will also influence how much you choose to bet, how long you will stay in the game and how your expressions change during the game, and all of these have a bigger impact when you are playing a live poker game.

Both Online Poker room and live poker have their advantages and disadvantages, so it is really up to you to try each type and see which you like to play better.

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