Poker Variants !!


The best part about poker is how varied the game is. There isn’t just one type of poker out there, there are so many, and there are newer Online Poker Variants coming up every now and then at casinos. Since I want you to look like a pro when you are playing the next game of poker, I’m going to describe to you ten different Online Poker Variants and how they are played. You can thank me later.

Types of poker games

  1. Texas Hold ‘Em: This is easily the most popular game of the Online Poker Variants out there. Anyone who talks about poker is usually talking about Texas Hold ‘Em. In Texas Hold ‘Em, you have two hole cards that are dealt to each player and then there are five community cards dealt out in four rounds of wagering. The betting can begin once the hole cards have been received, once the first three of the community cards have been dealt, once the fourth community card has been dealt and after the fifth community card has been dealt.
  2. Omaha: This is a variation of Texas Hold ‘Em involving two to ten players at a single table. There are four rounds of wagering and each player is dealt four hole cards, along with five community cards. The two hole cards can be used along with three community cards to create a winning hand.
  3. 7-Card Stud: This game involves using seven cards to make the best five card combination. Each player gets two hole cards and a door card in the first betting round and subsequent betting rounds involve getting three more door cards and one more hole card.
  4. 5-Card Draw: This game involves using five cards, out of which you can choose to trade up to three in the first wagering round.
  5. High / Low Chicago: In this game, the connotation of high and low is used to indicate the highest ranking or lowest ranking hand. In the High Chicago version, if you have a high diamond face down, you can win half of the jackpot whereas in Low Chicago the lowest diamond face down wins. The rest of the jackpot can be claimed by the player with the best hand.
  6. Follow the Queen: This is a version of seven card stud poker in which there is a wild card identified after a queen has been revealed. In case there is no queen revealed throughout the game, there is no wild card for that round.
  7. Draw Jack or Better: Here you have just two wagering rounds, in which players can draw a new card to trade in ones they don’t want.
  8. Lowball: This is a type of draw poker in which it’s the lowest ranking hand that can win the game. There are several different Online Poker Variants of lowball, but in each players get five hole cards which open the wagering.
  9. Razz: Razz is a type of seven card stud poker in which the lowest hand wins the game.
  10. Mississippi Stud: Players are given seven cards to make the best five card combination.

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