Protection from Cheating

Poker Cheating

From the advent of any sort of gaming, cheaters have always found a way to prosper. There’s always been a loophole that they’ve been able to take advantage of and get away without ever getting caught. Even if you are the sort of person who likes to following the straight and narrow, you would want to get protected against any form of cheating by getting to know in depth what the various forms of cheating in poker can be, so that you can avoid getting fleeced yourself.

Types of poker cheats in physical poker

Here are certain strategies adopted by people for cheating in poker. Make a note of them so that you can see it and immediately put an end to the game, in case this is happening with you.

  • Marking cards: One of the easiest ways to cheat other players is to somehow tag a card so that you can easily identify it when it comes up on a deck. This method has been used by several conniving players when they want to get hold of a ‘good’ card to make a winning hand. The best way to get around this is to always ask for a fresh deck of cards to be used.
  • ·Manipulating the deck: In games where dealing is done by another player, there may be cases where the player has already manipulated the deck before the game, by cutting it in just the right place with the good cards either above or below the cut. If you notice this happening, always ask for a dealer who is not a part of the game. You may also request for the deck to be cut before playing the game.

Poker cheats in online poker

Even in online poker, cheaters have found a way to prosper. Here are some forms of cheating in poker that you can take note of and avoid.

  • Ganging up: Some poker players get into an agreement and have private chats with each other while they are playing at a table. They pass on to each other information about the hands that they are holding so that they can gang up against other players at a table and then split the wins. If you suspect this is happening, for instance when you always see these players at a table together and seeming to call at just the right time, you can always report your suspicions to customer care and then move on to another table.
  • ·Bots: Sometimes, a poker program is created to act like a real player and make continue playing at tables. These can easily be recognized by the casino because the player seems to play on forever without ever taking a break. In case you see this, report it immediately to customer care who can then take further action.

Playing poker should always be a fun experience. If you notice someone cheating in poker, always speak up and don’t back down. That way you are protecting yourself and other players.

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