TIPS to become a MONSTER

Tips for Poker

Do you want to be the best poker player ever? Do you want to learn from the experience of poker experts and learn how to improve your game? Do you believe that you have it in you to become the best there is out there and be a monster at the game? Well, if your answer is yes to any one of these, here are some Tips for poker that you can use at your next game to become the top poker player at your table.

  1. Don’t go overboard: One of the Tips for poker that experts recommend is to just go slow and learn from a quiet game. Don’t play too many hands, don’t bet too high and don’t close too early. Just go ahead and play your game and learn from it. This is especially true for your first set of weeks at playing a game, as there’s plenty you can pick up from watching other players do their thing. You don’t always have to win your first set of poker games, so just go slow and play only as many hands as you are comfortable playing.
  2. Hold that beer: When you are playing poker it’s easy to get carried away with the excitement and grab one too many drinks. Unfortunately, that will also aid you in losing focus on your game and is not good news if you want to take a measured approach to your gameplay. Many an expert remembers that drunk game where they bet too high even when they knew their cards weren’t great. If you want to prevent that from happening to you, just stick to drinking water until you are more sure of yourself, or if you are playing for fun with a bunch of friends.
  3. Don’t bluff too much: When you’re a newbie, bluffing about your cards may seem like a good idea. But experts tell us that among the top Tips for poker, not bluffing every single time is a better approach, especially when you are playing against seasoned players who know exactly when someone is bluffing. Instead, use your being new to the game to your advantage and hold on to a good hand; the more experienced players will think they can get away with your being a weak player and you can always win using some beginner’s luck.
  4. Pull out quick: If you find that you don’t have the greatest set of cards in a particular game, cut your losses and pull out. It’s better than being on a losing streak.
  5. Don’t call: If you are already losing at a game, instead of calling after your hand is through, just call the other person’s bluff, instead of investing more money in the game.
  6. Don’t play when you are upset: Safe to say, any fruitful activity you may try to do when you are upset is bound to wreak more havoc to any good that you hope to achieve by it. Avoid poker when you are feeling low, as that may just lead to you making mistakes that other players will take advantage of.
  7. Know your cards: Know your cards in and out at any point of the game so you always know what move to make.
  8. Notice other players: Learn from other players and take notes during a game.
  9. Play like a boss: Always manage your money and keep a budget for your game.
  10. Don’t bet too high: Limit your stakes so that you can cut your losses.

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